5 Recommended Flooring Options for Your Rented Apartment

Renting an apartment is just like going into a relationship; i.e., you’re uncertain if you’ll be in it just for a few months, for years or an indefinite period. Hence, installing pricey flooring is not recommended if you have such uncertainty issue.

When choosing floors for rented apartments, a lot of folks spend so much time discussing whether carpet or hardwood is right for their space and budget. But there are a variety of other flooring choices out there, many of which are unexpectedly affordable and ideal for rented apartments. So, here you will find our recommended flooring options which you might want to consider selecting for your apartment.


Who doesn’t love the classic, old tiled floors? They look good not only in kitchens or bathrooms but also in other rooms in the house, as well. Most designs are just too lovely to be hidden in bathrooms and kitchens that you’d want to put them everywhere. Tiled floors are not just elegant-looking, but they’re also ideal for apartments located in warm places. Ceramic tiles don’t absorb and hold heat well, so they stay cold no matter how warm the weather is. Aside from its cold underfoot feel, it’s less likely to break from heavy traffic. Tiles are also easy to care for especially glazed ones. Anything that goes on it is easy to wipe off or sweep. 

VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl composite tiles are commonly found in most apartments since they are easy to install without any help from professional tile setters. They quickly attach to any surface with their specially formulated vinyl adhesive, and they don’t come off easily. What people love about this flooring is that it is sound-deadening which means the noise that footsteps make don’t echo. They also look like million-dollar floorings depending on the patterns but in reality, they cost around $2-5 a piece.

Carpet Tiles

For those who want to have a classy looking floor without putting too much effort in it, carpet tiles are for you. You can choose to have the same colors or have your creative design. What people love about carpet tiles is that they make no noise at all. Just like VCTs, they don’t require professional tile setters to do the fitting for you. You can also easily cut them to fit irregular shaped corners of your room.


Concrete floors give your home an elegant or classy look when polished or finished with a sealant. They’re pretty much the flooring without tiles, carpet, or whatsoever. Before the polished and shiny look, uneven and bumpy concrete floor may be hard or troublesome to clean since dust and dirt collect in the craters. You may need some tools to even out the bumps and a lot of lacquer. Maintenance might be costly since you’ll need to use a floor polisher to keep its shiny look.


Rubber flooring was the trend for homeowners in Europe in the 80’s but these days, it’s not that trendy anymore because of the very limited design option. But despite its basic look, it can be very practical. It’s also, easy to clean, non-slip, durable, and non-heat absorbent.

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