Benefits of Using Wool Carpet in your Home

Benefits of Using Wool Carpet in your Home

Obtained from nature itself, wool carpet is recognized as the miracle fiber owing to its marvelous attributes and qualities. Wool’s superior quality allows for a multitude of pattern, color, design, and flexibility, whereas wool’s innate ability to reject dirt and spring back into original form after crushing guarantees enduring beauty to enhance and complement any home decor. Wool is a modern carpet material intended for the manufacture of high-value floor covering textures for the most discriminating homeowners looking to make a smart choice. Top designers choose to work with wool for its ability to beautify and enhance the most sophisticated interiors. 

Below are the other reasons why you should choose wool carpets. 

Feels Good 

Wool is soft to touch and provides a comfortable surface for you and your family even with playful kids and pets around. By selecting from a number of styles available, you can choose the one that suits your style and preference. The inherent resilience of wool makes it a feel-good flooring. The crimp in wool serves like a spiral spring, mildly absorbing every footstep. The pile structure offers both stability and traction, creating a secure and comfortable floor covering. Since wool has a natural texture, it feels crisp, unlike nylon which is somewhat sticky to the feel. 

Wool Carpet Reduces Sound 

The decrease of sound transmitted between floors, and your cognizance of sounds, rely on the frequency waves of the sound. Wool carpet will reduce noise distraction between bedrooms and avoid sleep disturbances due to its natural ability to absorb an extensive range of frequencies. The soft pile cushions the impact of dropped objects, furniture movement and footsteps, muffling and absorbing sounds. 

Wool Carpet is Fire Retardant 

Wool provides valuable protection for your family, as it is inherently resistant to burning. Wool carpets are used in cruise ships and aircraft due to wool’s high moisture and protein content make it difficult to set on fire. If it goes up in flames, wool only burns very slightly, preventing the spread of fire. Compared to synthetics, wool’s naturally low flame spread, and low smoke emissions mean that it does not create such hazardous levels of toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide. Wool carpet self-extinguishes because of the upper pile which acts like a thick insulating char layer that prevents fire. Wool does not melt which inhibits the underlay to cause more smoke, toxic gasses, and heat. If wool is exposed to high temperatures, it emits a strong, non-toxic stench which provides an early warning. 

Wool Carpet Provides Cushioning 

Stumbles and slips are infrequent with wool carpet underfoot, and should one take place, the inherent resilience and softness of the pile will cushion the fall. By this means, much of the harmful impact on the body, which could otherwise cause head injuries or fractures, are safely absorbed by the carpet. 

Wool Carpet is a Slip-resistant  

Wool carpet is particularly ideal for homes with playful kids or aging in place due to its non-slip surface and it’s also comfortable to stand and walk on. Wool’s resilience and distinctive structure provide the confidence and support necessary to maintain coordination and balance, which are vital for fall prevention for toddlers and the elderly. 

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