Best Living Room Flooring Options

best living room flooring options

Dining rooms and living rooms look fantastic if you select similar essential elements of their design in the same décor. Whether it is your selection of color palette for the flooring systems or walls, you can make your reception space feel like more comfortable, even if it is not an open plan. Highlighted below are some of the best flooring options for your home reception rooms. 


Hard Wearing Bamboo 

The hard-wearing bamboo is gaining popularity among eco-friendly homeowners and designers; bamboo is an excellent alternative to custom hardwood floorings. Since bamboo is an outstanding hard-wearing product, it is best for use for floor covering, even when cut into thinner sections. Laminated bamboo floor coverings are ideal for dining rooms and hallways. Utilize the material present in your lounge to get a grainy, wooden flooring feel, as well as soften the general look with a rug. Bamboo floors seamlessly integrate with numerous designs of interior décor and look great against stone floors. 


Rug Combinations and Wood Floor 

If you prefer a custom wooden flooring, then you need to avoid tropical hardwoods. Many homes can gain character by using wood for previously used flooring. Adding warmth to the living room can be easily accomplished by a well-situated rug. Rugs also reduce noises on the flooring when stepping up and bout the room. For lighter wooden floorings, traditional Turkish rug styles work well. Deep red coordinates well with mid-toned hardwood floorings. Equally, for darker veneers, utilize cream rugs to develop the ideal visual impact. 


Super Ceramics 

Tiled floorings are not only for kitchens and bathrooms. In contemporary homes, use ceramic tiles in the reception room to pull them together. Highlight your tiles in a thought-out manner so you do not only see a repeated series of squares. Off-set hexagonal patterns and rectangular tiles to make for a more unusual look. Also remember that flooring tiles can only be as colorful as any carpet or rug that you could purchase. 


Textured Carpet 

Carpet is a much-loved flooring cover in numerous homes, as it adds warmth and comfort. Nonetheless, carpeting every reception room using the same material is not ideal for all homes. Desist from busy patterns, especially if you have larger rooms to the carpet and go for plainer designs and styles. For reception room carpeting, go for a single-colored carpet that has textured patterns on it, to develop a subtle appeal. 


Easy Maintenance Vinyl 

Just like ceramics, vinyl floorings should not just be considered for rooms that are prone to water spills and stains. Vinyl flooring may be cushioned underfoot for warmth. Vinyl is a simple to maintain material. You only need to mop over it to keep it clean. It is also relatively cheap and straightforward to install. You would expect vinyl products that imitate natural carpet, stone or wood, and at the same tie would not be costly to the environment. Vinyl flooring is a fantastic material, regardless of how traditional or unusual the rest of the reception room décor is. 

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