Budget-Friendly DIY Flooring Ideas for Your Home 

Budget-Friendly DIY Flooring Ideas for Your Home 

Find out how you can do an expert flooring job on your own while going easy on your pocket. 


If you are planning to renovate a single room or your entire house yourself, you can complete the job efficiently and economically. Remodeling is not a scary job if you know the tricks and traits of the business. Among the various processes of renovation, a major portion of your budget goes into laying out the floors. Hired contractors never tell you the simple secret of the job – you can do the floors yourself without worrying much about the expense. You may not realize that flooring is not a difficult task to complete and you do not have to go beyond your budget to do it. Modern techniques provide you with easy solutions to install the floors so that you don’t have to waste your time and money. Ready-made floorings are easily available in the market. Since most of them come with a pre-polished, peel and stick solution, you don’t have to break your back investing too much energy and time to give the floor a shiny look. So, find out how you can take up the challenge to complete the task like a professional – within a weekend and without spending a bomb. 


Here are three inexpensive do-it-yourself flooring ideas for your home: 

  1. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a very cost-effective and very easy method to do the floors when you’re thinking about rebuilding or redesigning your bathroom, kitchen or any other room of the house. If you are skeptical about going through an unpleasant glue-and-stick process of vinyl flooring; then, don’t worry because gone are those days when you got sticky hands while doing the floor. With the help of new age technology, vinyl floors are now one of the easiest and most affordable DIY ways to lay a new floor – beginning at only $1 per square foot. You don’t even have to glue it to the subfloor as you can just place the newer versions on top without using adhesives. 

Since vinyl floors are thick, they last long and give a great feeling to walk on. 


  1. Laminated floors

Modern technology has helped the process of laminate flooring go great lengths and develop into a painless installation effort. The installation is extremely convenient as you can clamp them together with the tongue and groove method. You can choose from a multitude of color variations and wood grain patterns that come in all kinds of measurements. 

The price of laminated floors is almost equal to engineered wood which might make you want to opt for the real one instead of the synthetic version. Here is a quick solution for your dilemma – laminated floorings not only come with a long life span but they’re also durable to stains, scratches, sun taint, and regular wear and tear. 


  1. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood floors, just like the laminated ones, come in a wide range of patterns and grains – from classic to more avant-garde. They also come at a reasonable price of $4 per square foot and you can install them effortlessly using the same tongue and groove method. Since there is no need to glue or nail, you can lay them above the subfloor with ease. Although it is not as long lasting as the laminated ones, you can, still, get an exclusive and superior quality look from the natural warmth of real wood without spending too much of money. 

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