Carpet is still a big player in flooring.

We have listed some of the strongest reasons to choose carpet below. Call us and let us help you pick out the right style and design of carpet for you home. We have hundreds of options to choose from.

Cozy and Inviting

Most homes still have carpet in at least one room of their home. It provides warmth to a room that other types of floors cannot emulate.

Peace and Quiet

If you need a floor covering that will provide the most amount of sound isolation or reduction, choose carpet. Its plush fibers and soft padding underneath will reduce any foot traffic noise and eliminate echoing and reverberation, often up to 30db!

Energy Savings

Carpeting can actually help you save money on your heating bills as well. Studies show that carpet insulates up to 17 times better than a smooth floor covering.


Durability is often not the first thing we think of when we think about carpet. However, the carpet fibers of today are incredibly resilient. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, and even repel stains from everyday spills.

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