How to Properly Install Floor Tile on Wooden Subfloor

How to Properly Install Floor Tile on Wooden Subfloor

Installing tile over a wooden subfloor is simpler today than it was when some time back. The old-fashioned mud technique of floating thick mortar beds in preparation for tile has provided a way of using cement backer planks over plywood subfloors. Cement boards are inexpensive, going for an average of $10 or less for a […]

Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Flooring In Your Home 

Hardwood floors are among the features that homeowners often look for when purchasing a house. However, purchase and installation of hardwood flooring can be costly, with regular maintenance proving to be challenging. Hardwood flooring options come in three varieties: board, strip, and parquet. The unique segments in hardwood strip flooring are often about 1.5 to […]

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Hardwood Flooring Installation Frisco TX General Tips and Advice

Even though many individuals take advantage of the professional installation services offered, some people are the DIY-type of individuals. Therefore, below are a few tips on how to fix or install a hardwood floor by yourself. Preparation If you are considering doing your hardwood flooring installation, it is assumed that you have a working knowledge […]

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring Frisco TX

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring Frisco TX Offers

Hardwood flooring is indeed the perfect choice for giving your home that earthy and homey feel. It has a timeless style that goes well with just about any interior design. This very versatile choice is one of the most common floors all over the globe. With proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy the beautiful […]

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Kinds of Hardwood Flooring Frisco TX has for Your Home

If you want a house that is warm, inviting, and easy to clean, nothing beats installing hardwood flooring in your home. Its timeless beauty and style is what most interior designers use to achieve a natural, homey feel to your space, regardless of your design style. It is, with no doubt, a good investment for […]

Best Wood Flooring Options as Recommended by Architects

Choosing the best flooring for your home is one of the most important decisions you have to make since it significantly affects the overall look of the rooms. And when in doubt and if your financial resources permit, it is best to get a second opinion from the experts – the Architects. Architects are the […]

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