Cheap Garage Flooring Options

cheap garage flooring options

Often, many homeowners request about cheap garage flooring options that can be recommended to them by experts.  Inexpensive and good are not often synonymous with quality.   It does not necessarily mean that you can’t find the best value for your money with a little grease on your elbow, when on a budget. 

Painted Flooring  

Whereas it requires some effort to clean the floor before painting, it will offer you the greatest positive results in the look of your flooring for the least sum of money.  Out of the various paint products available, ensure to select one-part epoxy paint.  For just a few more dollars per gallon, this paint would adhere better and last longer than acrylic latex paints.  Based on the brand, you can buy it for slightly more than $30 per gallon and would cover 300 to 400 square feet. 

Acrylic Sealer

If you have a garage floor that is relatively blemished free, the other cheaper option would be an acrylic sealer.  Acrylic sealers would highlight your bare concrete flooring by covering it with a clear, thin acrylic layer. This topical layer gives moderate protection to your flooring from oils, chemicals, road salts, and fluids if not given time to settle, as well as prevents concrete dusting. 

They are straightforward to apply, as they only need a paint brush and roller or a garden pump sprayer. Acrylic sealers are accessible in a glossy or satin finish, solvent based and water-based formulas.  Prices vary depending on the brand in question.  Expect to pay $20 to $30 per gallon for the area coverage of close to 150 or 200 square feet. 

Rust-Oleum Professional Garage Epoxy Coating 

For a flooring coating that gives better protection and longer lasting coverage, this kit would be a great value for the dollar.  Rust-Oleum professional garage epoxy coating is a solvent based two-part epoxy that is much better than their standard water-based counterpart.  Available in four color shades, it will cover 300-400 square feet with an average cost of $100 per kit.  It makes for simpler cleanups of oil spills, having excellent protection against chemicals, road salts, and some acids.  They also come with decorative chips to enhance to the finish. 

Vinyl Composite Tiles

If you possess some skills as a Do-It-Yourself homeowner, one popular garage flooring option that would offer you a genuine traditional look for high value would be vinyl composite tiles.  They go for as little as .69 cents per square foot, in addition to the necessary glue if you shop around.  Therefore, this is considered an inexpensive price for garage flooring, when indeed it is not a cheap commodity. 

They are accessible in a variety of color shades with the most common being the custom black and white checked design.  They offer excellent protection for the floor, making the cleaning process a breeze. 

Interlocking American-made Tiles

Finally, if you like the custom appearance of interlocking tiles but do not want to break the budget at $3.50 to $4.00 per square foot, you may buy American-made tiles for an average of $2 per square foot by shopping around.    

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