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The quest to find the perfect contractor for your flooring needs can be quite daunting. This, however, does not have to be the case. Rather spending all of your precious time trying to make a decision on who is competent and who is not, now is an opportune time to make an informed decision of going for the best flooring contractors in the field today – The Flooring Pro Guys. A renowned Miami, FA flooring contractor company, having topped the ratings and acquired the trust of all our clientele. Here are a few pointers of consideration when hiring someone to expertly handle your flooring project.

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Value Vs. Price for a Floor Installation

It usually proves difficult to find the optimal balance between value and pricing when selecting a flooring contractor. In most cases, when you opt for the cheaper alternative, it usually turns out to be even more expensive. This results either from a poorly done job or the use of lower grade materials. If you are in search of a more permanent flooring solution, it is best to sacrifice cost for better service delivery and optimum longevity. You can also conduct a prior search on the quality of materials to be used from various online sources.

In the price negotiation process, don’t let yourself be fooled by those that sound too good to be true. Your first priority, in case you need your warranty to be worth the paper it is written on, is to ensure that your selected flooring contractor stays in business. Several flooring contractors shut down after a while, and it is never good to deal with a contractor that is no longer active in the trade. Never forget to inquire about the coverage of your warranty, demanding some legal documentation in the process.

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Local References

Requesting for at least three previous references that are all local is the best practice before hiring any contractor. You have to ensure that the provided references are not only credible but also impeccable. As flooring contractors, our portfolio is accompanied by a long list of satisfied customers who can back all our claims of top notch service delivery. The Flooring Pro Guys are more than willing to offer you an array of ‘Tickled Delighted and Happy’ customers who are willing to receive your call and put your mind to ease. A list we hope you will join at the end of your project.

Make sure to get in touch with the provided references and inquire about the manner in which the flooring installation crew handled their property in general. Request information on how the cleanup was done upon completion of the project. For a contractor to be ranked as good, he needs to have the ability to restore the home to a better condition than the one he found it at. What you do not need is someone that gives little regard to your furniture and property.

A Trusted Flooring Contractor

A liability insurance policy is one of the most essential requirements you should ask for. Verify it with the insurance company before making any final decision. In case their liability insurance is significant, then they have been underwritten as an acceptable risk by the insurance company. What you do not want is to work with a contractor that is uninsured. The contractors that are insured pay enough attention to details since any lawsuit can skyrocket their premiums.

The availability of professional signage on the flooring contractor’s vehicle is also significant. Make sure that the listed phone number is local. This is because anyone can acquire a truck from a rental company and just parade around with it. Take your time to call the number, and evaluate the way that your call is answered and your concerns addressed.

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It’s A Messy Job!

Inquire about the process of the flooring contractor from the beginning of the job all the way to the end. Contractors work differently, with others preferring to go room by room while others do the whole house in one sweep. Find out whether the contractor’s crew will deal with the resultant trash and demand to include a Cleanup Policy Clause on the contract.

A Professional Flooring Installation

A flooring contractor that is professional and has been in the trade for a good amount of time should have memorized his product lines. They should also have an accompanying professional presentation that describes which product lines the company carries. A true contractor should also know the advantages and disadvantages of every flooring product that he offers. He should also provide you available options and their individual price ranges. If the contractor needs to keep fact-checking his statements, might as well ditch him and move on to your next contractor candidate.

In many cases, the clients change their mind the moment they see the first coat of stain applied to their hardwood floor. This happens irrespective of the amount of time spent in the selection of colors, applications, and textures. The cost overruns from the wastage of time and material should not deter a professional contractor from going for only the highest quality and durable stains. Simply put, best quality materials used equals the best quality results. The main objective of the Flooring Pro Guys is to ensure that you are happy with not only the beauty of the final product but the longevity that comes with using only the premium materials.

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