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Finding the most professional flooring contractor whom you could turn to for all of your flooring needs can sometimes feel as if you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Now, you don’t have to spend so much time surfing from one website to another because the top choice and most trusted flooring contractor in Atlanta, GA – The Flooring Pro Guys are just a phone call away. Read on to learn more about some factors to consider when contracting a professional flooring technician for your next flooring project in Atlanta.

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Value Vs. Price for a Floor Installation

In choosing a flooring contractor, getting the right balance between value and pricing can sometimes be a difficult and complicated process. More often than not, settling for a rookie contractor who charges the least can actually do you more harm than good in the long run due to a poorly done flooring job. If you want your flooring project done perfectly the first time, we urge you to take our expert advice and settle only for the best and most trusted in Atlanta. Also, do your homework to ensure the quality of the flooring materials by doing some research online.

In discussing the contractor’s fee or the project’s total cost assessment, be cognizant of any estimate that’s too good to be true. Likewise, for the sake of the flooring warranty, it would be in your best interest to make sure that your chosen floor contracting company has a long-established reputation and remains in business for the longest time. Time and again, flooring contractors goes defunct therefore making it almost impossible to claim the warranty. So always be on the safe side and have everything in writing, most especially, the warranty and its coverage.

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Local References

Another smart thing to do is to make it a point to do a background check for integrity and workmanship. Your flooring contractor should be able to provide you with references from past clients for similar work. Ask for a list of at least three local references whom you can contact. The Flooring Pro Guys have a mountain of references that you can contact, and we’re more than happy to let you contact some of our previous clients who have given us their permission, so you will have the opportunity to call them for yourself, if you wish, and ask them personally if we practice what we preach.

Take time to call and speak to the references given by your contractor and ask how the contractor and his team performed from initial contact up to the final inspection and also ask if everything was spick and span when the project was completed. A top notch flooring contractor should have impeccable references for quality work and a good reputation for not leaving any mess behind. Something which The Flooring Pro Guys are mostly proud of – a solid reputation for service excellence and superior craftsmanship.

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Always check for the floor contracting company’s liability insurance policy and also verify that the said policy is up-to-date and the coverage is sufficient for your project before making the final decision. It is always a good idea to secure yourself a copy of the insurance policy before finalizing the contract. Liability insurance covers property damage and injuries caused by the contractor’s work, and an insured company will ensure that everything’s in order as lawsuits mean a higher premium.

A reputable floor contracting company would know the value of branding; hence, would have a professional signage on company property such as their vehicles, so be sure to check this. Keep in mind that anyone can use any pickup truck that was just rented from a car rental place. The company brand or logo would usually include the contact details so check if the phone number on their signage is a local phone number. Verify by calling the number on their company vehicle and observe the manner in which their phone is answered.

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It’s A Messy Job!

Be sure to discuss during the initial consultation all the processes involving your flooring project. Whereas some contractors prefer to work on a per-room basis, others prefer to complete everything at the same time. And because clutter in any flooring project is unavoidable, it’s a good idea also to discuss with the flooring contractor about the scope of the project and whether cleaning up is included in the service.

A Professional Flooring Installation

A professional flooring contractor who has been in business for years should know his product lines by heart. During the expert consultation, the contractor should be able to do a professional presentation showing you all the product lines that their company carries. A genuine contractor would know the answer to every question that you may have about their products and services and should be able to provide you a same-day estimate.

A professional flooring technician would also know that it is always best to choose premium quality paint over low-quality ones. It may appear more costly at first, but in the long run, you will see that you’ll actually save more from not having to repaint sooner than when you only settled for substandard products and services. The Flooring Pro Guys are committed to delivering nothing but the best so you’ll be happy and loyal customer for life.

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