How to Easily Replace Damaged Laminate Floor Covering

How to Easily Replace Damaged Laminate Floor Covering

Laminate flooring looks fabulous and adds class to a home. On the other hand, if a laminate floor covering gets damaged, it takes away from the attractiveness of the flooring. Do you bring in an expert and pay significant amounts of cash to replace the plank? With this article, you wouldn’t have to. There is, in fact, a simple approach to replace a laminate plank that has been damaged. But only if you are prepared to invest some energy and have a tiny bit of persistence.  

Here’s what to do to replace a damaged laminate floor plank near to a wall: 

The quickest method to replace a damaged plank that is close to a wall is by detaching the planks.

As wearisome as it sounds, it is worth the time and effort. 

  • Locate the wall that is nearest to the damaged plank 
  • Remove the molding 
  • Start taking the planks apart by unlocking them. This is done by detaching the tongue of each plank from the groove of the next plank. 
  • Ensure that the one you are replacing is identical to the damaged plank 
  • Replace the plank and then start locking the planks you detached 

Once done, rearrange the wall base molding to its original place 

Here’s what to do to replace damaged laminate floor plank in the middle of the room: 

Here a simple approach to replace a damaged laminate floor plank situated in the center of the room. In spite of the fact that this is rather tedious and requires accuracy, you can take it up as a DIY project. In any case, ensure you take safety measures and utilize the tools as suggested by the manufacturer. 

  • Using a masking tape, mark the damaged plank’s four corners so that the adjacent planks will not be damaged while removing and drilling the plank.  
  • At each corner of the plank, drill half an inch hole. Ensure that the holes are near to the end joints. 
  • Afterward, drill another three holes, about 4 inches apart from each other, on each side of the plank. 
  • Using a pencil, mark a straight line to connect the holes. This will serve as your guide when you are cutting out the plank. 
  • Take a circular saw. And to ensure you don’t cause more damage, adjust the depth of the saw similar to the thickness of the laminate plank.  
  • Using the lines to guide you, start cutting the center of the plank. 
  • Continue drilling until you reach the holes on both sides. 
  • Then all you’ve got to do is lift out the center piece. Lift it out by making use of a utility knife 
  • Take out the remaining parts of the plank by lightly moving them back and forth. Ensure that the area is clean after removal. 
  • Get the identical laminate plank as a replacement. You may need to remove the tongue on the long and short sides of the board to make it fit into the opening you have created.  
  • Using just a few drops, apply epoxy glue to the edge of the planks that have to be connected to the replacement. A cotton swab is excellent for applying the glue.  
  • Install the replacement laminate plank right away before the glue dries up 
  • Put a heavy weight on the plank and leave it to dry for 24 hours. 
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