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Finding the best contractor for your flooring project just isn’t a complex task as it once was. You won’t be required to spend time separating the good from the bad. The Flooring Pro Guys work hard to earn our reputation as the most qualified and trustworthy flooring professionals in DeKalb, IL. Here can be a few considerations you’ll need to take into account when hiring a flooring contractor.

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Value Vs. Price for a Floor Installation

When you work with a flooring contractor, it can be quite tricky to find that perfect balance between the cost and the true value they provide. Always keep in mind that hiring the cheapest contractor will most often end up costing you more due to the poor quality materials used and the poor quality of the job. If you only need to have your flooring project completed once, you need to reconsider hiring the cheapest one you can find. Make sure that you are taking the time to go online and research the quality of flooring types before committing to a particular one.

If your flooring contractor quotes you a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. You should use a contractor who’s in business if you would like to capitalize on the warranty. You’ll have a tough time enforcing any warranty if your flooring contractor folds up his tent and steals away in the night. Get the warranty information in writing before proceeding with the negotiation.

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Local References

Ask the flooring contractors you are considering to provide you with a few local references you can call for their opinion. You will need to take the time to speak with as many of those references as you can reach, and get their opinions on the work the contractor did for them. We can easily get you in contact with a lot of customers who definitely have been happy with the level of work we’ve completed for them. The Flooring Pro Guys are in a position to present you with a lot of delighted customers who are willing to talk with you on the quality of our completed jobs.

When you are speaking to the references provided by a potential flooring contractor, be sure to find out whether the crew respected their property and furnishings. Leaving a mess is unprofessional of a contractor-ask references how mess was handled. Any professional flooring contractor should have the opportunity to revert the house to the way it had been before the the job began. You won’t need to deal with a careless contractor who is reckless with your furniture or property.

A Professional Flooring Contractor

Ensure that you see a copy of their liability insurance policy before you work with a contractor. Liability insurance policies for flooring are significant when the service provider is viewed as low risk. Doing business with a contractor who is uninsured is something you will regret. Paying attention to details is definitely an important aspect of any job completed by a contractor to avoiding potential lawsuits.

Signage, and the quality thereof, will clue you in to the kind of contractor you’re working with. A truck or van that lacks professional signage might have been borrowed or rented for the occasion, which should tip you off to a fly-by-night operation or even a potential scam. Check the number on the sign to find out if it is a local phone number. If there’s a phone number on the side of their vehicle, you should call to observe how the call is answered.

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A Quality Flooring Installation

Before you decide to remain in your home while it’s being worked on, ask your contractor what you can expect in terms of mess, noise, and disruption of your household. If you do not anticipate occupying the property while the flooring task is happening, your contractual worker should even then have the capacity to develop a pre-venture plan and present it to you. You would prefer to see all the particulars, timetables, and projections for completion. The Flooring Pro Guys will guarantee that your needs are being met all through the whole venture.

Get the full list of processes involved with the project from beginning to its end when working with a flooring contractor. Ask your service provider what number of staff will be on the project, and whether they typically work on one room or several rooms at the same time. There is a lot of trash created when laying flooring, so make sure you know if the crew will dispose of the waste for you. Also be sure that there will be a thorough cleanup when the job is completed.

It’s A Messy Job!

When calling references for a flooring contractor, make sure to verify mess removal and prevention. Draping the room in heavy plastic is common practice among contractors when floors are being sanded and refinished. Ask your professional contractor about using a special overlap technique to provide a barrier for dust. Red tape stating Men Working will wrap the room under construction much like a scary movie.

If you are going to have children in the building where work is being done, ask the contractor if the quote covers the cost of the plastic draping to keep children from getting into the work area. Children that are not monitored can easily come upon a nail or two. Ensuring the safety of both homeowners and crew is a key responsibility of your flooring contractor. One of the advantages of hiring an experienced flooring contractor is that he will be mindful of all the potential hazards of the work and will know how to keep anyone from getting hurt.

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A Professional Flooring Installation From A Trusted Flooring Contractor

Any professional flooring contractor who may have delivered a flooring service in the past should have the ability to let you know his product lines offhand. He should present a professional presentation of the merchandise lines that are available upon request. Still, a true flooring contractor will probably be mindful of the pros and cons of the products that he carries and will probably be able to explain to you the options and provide you with a quote on the price ranges of each one of them from memory. If a licensed contractor has to search for product features and prices, you’re probably dealing with someone who doesn’t have much experience.

All areas of job requirements should be laid out in the contract before a paid job starts. It’s essential to make sure that the contract is complete and correct in every detail before you sign it. After you went over all of your questions and concerns with your service provider, you can sign documents. A quick review by your legal consultant might be in order if there is any unfamiliar legal language in the contract.

You’re allowed to change your mind if the color that looked so good as a sample doesn’t look anywhere near as good on your floors. When there are materials that weren’t used because of changes in the project, it is still an a lot more suitable route than choosing low quality over more durable stains. You should never accept less than the absolute best flooring work from your contractors. The Flooring Pro Guys want you to be thrilled with their work when the project is completed.

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