Laminate Flooring    

King of Cost-Effective

Do you crave the beautiful style wood floors can bring to your home, but they are out of your budget? Laminate flooring might be the solution:

If you love the beauty of real hardwood floors but need a more affordable option, laminate can provide your perfect solution. Laminate is made of wood, but instead of being cut from a solid piece of wood, it is made up of very small wood fragments which are then pressed together with a bonding agent. This makes for a much more cost-effective flooring solution, albeit with a slight reduction in durability.      

Laminate can still provide a beautiful floor however. With a deep emboss and better imaging than ever before, laminate provides an ultra-realistic alternative to solid and engineered wood floors. The finish is incredibly durable too, so you know your floor will stay beautiful for years. They also require much less maintenance than other wood floor types. It is scratch, stain, wear, and fade resistant, meaning it will retain all of it’s lovely color, grain, and texture.

As it is still made out of wood, laminate is easier to walk on and warmer to the touch than other flooring types like tile or stone. This means you can get the look of real tile or wood, without the uncomfortably hard tile or the high price of wood.
Hygienic floors are real? Yes, many manufactures are now including an antimicrobial resin in their laminate. Antimicrobial agents kill microorganisms and/or inhibit their growth. This means your home could potentially have fewer bacteria to make you sick.

Whether you are attracted to laminate due to it’s beauty, price, or durability, we can assure you that you will be satisfied with new laminate floors for years to come. Your budget will thank you for being cost-effective with your floors. Their easy maintenance and durability will mean you get to spend less time working on your floors and more time enjoying your home.

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