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Class up the place with tile and stone.

Strong, elegant, and bold style is what stone and tile flooring can bring to your home. There are many ways you can make your home unique with tile. Make beautiful patterns with mosaics. Keep it smooth with marble. Or maybe, you love wood, but are afraid of the maintenance, well we can install tile that looks just like wood! It can also be classy and refined in a way that wood can’t compare. Here are the top reason why we love stone and tile:

Most Cost Effective: Ceramic

Ceramic tile will give you all of the versatility that you could ask for, as it comes in a wide array of sizes, shapes, colors, finishes, and textures to suit your exact flooring needs. With almost unlimited options, we can know that you will find an option that will satisfy any of your flooring needs with ceramic tile.

Best for Consistency: Porcelain

If you need a dense, refined style of tile, take a look at porcelain. While this style of tile is great for indoors, it can also be used outdoors as well. It is available in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes to suit your needs.

Best for Uniqueness: Travertine

If you love the versatility of tile, and the durability, but hate when your room’s floors all look the same, install travertine tile. Because it is a type of limestone that forms from hot springs, it is unique by nature. This will give you a truly unique look for any tile flooring installation.

Most Elegant: Marble

Marble will give your room a very elegant feel. It is timeless, while making a statement. It is versatile and can be used for most any room. The smooth, classy feel of marble will leave you feeling satisfied every time you walk into the room.

Best for Intricate Patterns: Mosaic Tile

Looking for a complicated pattern to add some interest to your room? Look no further than mosaic tile. We can install a beautiful, complex mosaic tile pattern to any room in your home.

Best for Wood Lovers: Faux Wood Tile

If you need the beauty of wood in your home, but are scared of the maintenance issues, we have the solution. Faux wood tile will give you all the beauty that wood can give you, with the extreme durability of tile. It can also be used in high-moisture rooms to give you the wood look without the fear of moisture damage.

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