Cool Latest Trends in Home Flooring

Carpets are getting softer while wood is getting rougher in the flooring world. Vinyl has become luxurious, and this is not a contradictory statement especially to those who are keen on materials the consumers prefer. Over the past two years, the vinyl industry has recorded rapid growth. Thanks to the amazing photo technology employed by the producers leading to results that leave most customers with seriously scrutinizing the product to ascertain if it’s just vinyl or the real thing. When it comes to luxury, vinyl is not the only flooring option that attracts customer attention; some other available options also do exist such as:

Carpets have gotten environmentally friendly as producers have introduced new fiber combinations. It has also taken carpet softness to a whole new level. The recycling of nylon for carpet making is a dying practice as the melting down of polyester is the current norm in making beautiful carpet floors. Experts in the carpeting industry have described the development of softer carpet tiles as a cutting edge trend in the flooring industry. Regarding carpet style, the cut-and-loop style is the most appreciated. In this, the design is such that the pile is partly looped and partly-cut creating a sculptured look. They are also multi-tonal and weathered. The current trend is a patterned carpet with some personality and a clean finish.

The great room concept uniting family and kitchen rooms into one big expansive space had led to an increase in the use of wood on the floor. Consistent flooring is part and parcel of a great room plan to achieve lovely floors. For wooden floors, laminate version is the best alternative. It mainly consists of a thin piece of wood embedded in the core of some other material. Hardwoods are mostly preferred when it comes to darker stains. There has also been a rising trend in the interest for gray stains. Another growing trend is also towards the multiple sized planks, the larger planks and even the most exotic species such as walnut, cherry, and hickory. When going for wood floors, it’s best to go for the hand-textured and hand-scrapped alternatives. Concerning going green, a segment of the market is opting for reclaimed wood salvaged from old barns and residential floors. It has also contributed to companies changing the look of hardwood making it look old. Some years back bamboo took the flooring industry by a storm but gradually met resistance because earlier versions had shrinkage issues. It has since been addressed and currently, bamboo has gotten better with no reported reduction issues. When going for bamboo as a flooring option, it’s best to go for plank width and the one produced in an array of colors.

Luxury Vinyl
In the advent of advanced technology, Vinyl has now become luxurious and has gained its whole new look and experience. Its production process involves taking printing a photo of wood into a cheaper vinyl flooring and this usually takes the form of planks or squares. Vinyl tiles can be made out of anything that can be captured in a picture. It can virtually be put into any room, and some of it resembles marble. Most people use it for bathroom floors.

Ceramic tiles are getting larger. The standard tile usually measures about 12 by 12 inches. Recently there is a growing trend in the demand for tiles larger than the average size. Regional preferences however still exist. Ceramic tiles have also taken a trend in the digital print usually associated with vinyl tiles and laminate countertops to add stature to the ceramic tile image. The Denver area has reported the largest trend in the modular sized rectangular tiles measuring 12 by 24 inches. Tile improvement has led to looks that resemble wood or fabric, and some of them seem to have that concrete kind of look.

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