Pro Tips on Choosing the Right Area Rugs for your Home Floors 

Pro Tips on Choosing the Right Area Rugs for your Home Floors 

A thoughtfully selected surface area rug for your home can tie together a room setting. Area rugs offer warmth, and keeps pets, children and the elderly from sliding across a hard-surface flooring. They also cut down the noises in a room that has no other floor coverings. Bold rug colors and patterning can also serve as a central point or highlight a room’s architectural design. 


Size Matters 

Area rugs are accessible in various sizes, from 2 by 3-foot to 12 by 14-foot. Selecting the size depends on the look and feel you desire, as well as where you are putting it. Shapes also vary from square to rectangle, circles to ovals and octagons. Look for longer runner 2 to 3 feet wide, made specifically for spacious kitchens and hallways, and half-circle rugs that are designed for the front of a hearth. Tinier rugs are always labeled as scatter, accent or throw rugs. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and in front of sinks. 


Placement Pointers 

The ornamental industry has various opinions regarding the placement of area rugs and the necessary amount of the surrounding space of the furniture. For an entryway, ensure that the area rug is placed far from the door that the open door, to avoid constant contact with the door. This prevents damage to the area rug edges. For the dining room, select a rug that is three to four feet larger than the table from all edges for the chairs to sit on the rug when someone sits or rises. Desist from placing a rug in a manner only the front chair legs rest on it, as it brings about an uneven surface. 


Material Musings 

Area rugs are designed from various kinds of materials. They may be made from natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton or jute, and can as well be made from synthetics like nylon, polyester or polypropylene. Wool is stain-resistant and does not flatten like other fibers; however, it is among the most expensive options just like silk. Depending on the rug construction and fiber content, an area rug may cost as much as the furniture being complemented. Synthetic fibers cost are cheaper than silk or wool, but may not last long. If you are purchasing an area rug for your deck, polypropylene is the way to go, as it repels water and sun fading. 


Pattern Picks 

Area rugs may have allover patterning, well-defined borders, or have a solid color. If the room has a central point, like a large fireplace, an allover pattern would be the ideal option for avoiding visual clutter. Match the mood of the rug to that of other furnishings in the room, ask yourself if the mood is formal or casual, and then select a rug pattern accordingly. 


Pad News 

Whether you are putting an area rug over a hard-surface flooring like tile or wood, or layering it over carpeting, it is crucial that the rug has a pad beneath it. Pads help to prevent the rug from slipping, though some rugs have non-skid backings applied. Pads also help in preventing underfoot damage by protecting it from moisture in case of spills.  

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