Tips on How to Properly Care for High-End Flooring in Homes  

How to Properly Care for High-End Flooring in Homes

We spend a lot of money to install high-end flooring in our homes. The amount of cash we spend is worth taking care of by carefully looking after the high-end finishes to maintain the beauty.  

The maintenance of high end flooring depends on three main factors. These includes:   

  1. The right cleaning product.
  2. The proper cleaning tool. 
  3. Some good cleaning technique.  


Granite is known for its wide array of colors and beauty as well as its ability to resist scratch. The right cleaning product for granite is a cleaner with neutral pH. You may also make use of homemade solution using some local ingredients.  


The right tool for a granite floor is the use of a double-sided non-scratching sponge or a microfiber cloth when in need to scrub the floor. These does not scratch the granite. 


The right technique in maintaining granite involves splashing the solution in an even pattern. Then wiped off in an S pattern and eventually buff cleaned with a microfiber eliminating all the streaks.  



Removing stains from marble sometimes is a difficult task that would usually require professional help for great results. Based on its similarity with granite, its maintenance techniques are quite similar to those of granite.   


The right product in marble cleaning mainly involves the use of water as it takes off the stains quickly. However, castile soap is employed when the need for a thorough cleaning arises. The castile soap should have a neutral pH  


The best tool for a marble floor is a nylon bristled angle broom or a soft bristled vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it need just sweeping the floor followed by mopping in an S pattern and eventually dry mop to get rid of any excess moisture using a clean piece of cloth.  



Slate is a natural stone offering a textured surface for our homes. The mode of installation usually provides a challenge in the cleaning process. Its natural state also provides a breeding ground for oil and even dirt.  


In cleaning, it’s necessary to find a particular soap intended for this purpose usually manufactured by most companies. Castile soap and dish liquid also tend to eliminate grease and stains.  


The right tool for slate floors incorporates the use of a vacuum cleaner or sweeping to get rid of the debris. The proper technique for slate floors only involves a first act of sweeping followed by an S pattern in mopping. Dry mopping follows getting rid of any remaining moisture.  



Also a high-end flooring that offers a luxurious and natural look for our houses. It’s usually light in color and this often calls for an immediate cleaning of the floor should staining occur.  


For regular cleaning, you may use regular dishwashing soap and hot water. For serious stain cleaning, use a specialty soap for this purpose available in stores.  


The right tool involves only sweeping or vacuuming the floor as regular as possible. For moping, it’s important to go for a microfiber mop that is soft and should be clean before and during use to avoid redisposition of dirt.  

For the right technique, the mop should be damp dry in cleaning the floor and in a series of S-shape patterns from one end of the room to another. Rinse the mop with every subsequent cleaning process.  



Glass flooring offers a clean, modern and terrific finish in home flooring. Its nonporous nature makes it easy to keep bacteria and stains off. However, besides scratching, it’s important to be extra careful to avoid breakage when cleaning.  


The right product for glass cleaning involves a full strength and pure white vinegar as it helps eliminate soap scum and mineral deposits.  

For the proper tool, it’s best to keep away from tools that can scratch the glass leaving us with a powder options for cleaning the glass finishes. When the need to scrub arises, it’s safe to use a non-scratching sponge and a safe brittle brush.  


The right technique for glass only involves spraying and letting it rest for a while then followed by scrubbing using a soft sponge in an S-shaped pattern from left to right or top to bottom.  


Hardwood floors 

Although, one of the most rising trends in home flooring, wood requires a lot of care to keep it in the original shape and quality as almost all kinds of dirt usually have a destructive impact on the floor. In cleaning, it’s safe to involve the use of a capful of vinegar, hot water, and a dish liquid. It leaves little residue and allows it to sparkle.  


Lots of tool options exist for hardwood but amongst all the soft brushed vacuum and the bristled broom offer great results any day. Also, microfiber mops help keep the water droplets off the floor.  


The right technique for hardwood involves regular sweeping followed by an S-shaped pattern with a well-wrung mop that is damp dry then dry mop afterward to eliminate the remaining moisture. 

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